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Claim your new and exclusive Employer's Guide To Apprenticeships

If you're thinking about employing an apprentice but don't know where to start, we're here to help.  Our guide will provide you with lots of useful information (including the ups and downs) of how to start your search for your first apprentice through to employment and their first year.

To claim your guide, follow this link:   http://fastforward.newcollege.ac.uk/content/request-employers-guide-apprenticeships



Claim £1500 when you hire an apprentice.

Apprenticeship AGE grant

The government is offering £1500 to employers who are recruiting their first apprentice in 12 months or longer. Our Apprenticeship team can advise you on how to claim the grant.  We'll organise everything on your behalf.  It couldn't be easier.

Is my business eligible to claim the £1500 apprenticeship grant?

You could be eligible if:

Your business is based in England and has 50 or fewer employees

Your new apprentice is the first your business has hired, or the first for 12 months or longer

Your new apprentice is aged 16-24 years

You can claim for up to 5 apprentices, if they are all employed at the same time.

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