Financial Services Apprenticeship

What are Apprenticeships?


An Apprenticeship is a mix of real work and learning. Apprentices earn a wage and gain experience whilst working towards a number of qualifications. An Intermediate Apprenticeship follows a Level 2 programme and can lead onto an Advanced Apprenticeship which is a Level 3 programme.

Example Job Roles as an Apprentice

  • Financial Services customer service advisor
  • Financial services senior customer service advisor

The way to do an Apprenticeship

Start in a full-time job, (or a minimum of 30 hours per week) with an employer who will allow day release at College if required. The number of release hours will depend on the Apprenticeship. If you’re currently employed but not working towards qualifications, speak to your employer about converting to an Apprenticeship and ask them to contact us. We can help you find an apprenticeship too.

Programme Entry Requirements

There are no set entry requirements for the programme, but we have to make sure that the Apprentice has the potential to achieve the different elements that make up the Apprenticeship qualification, and that they are working at the right level in their job role.

It is a requirement to complete an initial assessment in English and Maths, and this may lead to taking some additional diagnostic assessments.


An Apprenticeship takes 12 months for a Level 2 and 18-24 months for a Level 3

Apprenticeship Framework

There are a number of elements to each Apprenticeship and this is called a standard.

·         Level 2 Certificate in Financial Capability and Careers Development or Level 3 Certificate and/or Diploma in Financial Services

·         Skills element (Functional Skills in Maths and English) Level 1 or 2


·         A Portfolio of evidence

·         Assessment of Behaviours and skills

·         Understanding of the systems, tools and processes used in the role

·         Overview of the products and services offered to customers

·         Understanding of the role banking plays in Financial Services and the professional standards in the  company

·         Online tests for skills element

What can an Apprentice do next?

  • Advanced or Higher Apprenticeship

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